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Review: Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian(The Midnight Breed, Book 1)

Summary: After Gabrielle manages to escape a gang of rouges vampire feeding(she thinks they’re gang members or something), she tries to do the right thing and report it to the police – only there is no evidence of a crime having been committed. But the next night a man shows up at her door claiming to be from the police – but in reality he really a vampire looking to see how much she knows!

On MMC past:

Lucan: As close as it gets to ”royal” Vampire
Real old – first generation sort.

On FMC past:

Gabriel: Dead mother. Lots foster families until 12 when she found nice one.  She did some cutting when she was younger.

POV: Third (Several)

First line: Her baby wouldn’t stop crying.

What I think about this one…

I don’t like it when vampire’s are aliens – it’s just not right. Otherwise this book is okay for a paranormal romance book – it’s a bit cheesy with Gabriel being the baby Lucan saved over twenty years ago, the vampires that get addicted to blood(seriously? aren’t all vamps suppose to be all about blood lust.) What I do sort of like is that the vampires are alive – they can have kids (only boys, they need human female’s to reproduce. Which is sort of weird and totally unrealistic since all species need both boys and girls to be a species.)

The characters are kind of interesting – at least they aren’t boring. But Gabriel is a bit too much of an outsider – don’t connect well with her friends, goes to totally weird places to take photos. Lucan seems a bit over used to – the cool king (or biggest bad ass out there) that falls in love with the fragile little human? Also he’s rich and very hot…anyone seeing similarities with..all other vampire stories?

Still the book is not half bad it’s just a bit too much soap opera for me. It also feels like a bit of a suckier (no pun intended) version of J.R. Ward’s black dagger brotherhood series.

Some statistics and facts:

Length: 108 000 words / 524 Pages

Genre: Urban fantasy – Paranormal romance

Book Series: The Midnight Breed

Published: 2007

Words per Chapters: ((34 + 1) 3085 words/ chapter

Rating – Amazon: 4 stars. 207 votes.

Style of book: One guy in a gang of hunky guys finds love…

Warning: Graphic M/F Sex

If you want to buy it you can do it over Here


Lucan: As close as it gets to ”Royal” Vampire

Real old – first generation

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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward (The Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Summary: Xhex’s has been kidnapped by the son of the Omega – and is being held by magic that makes her invisible to all but Lash(aka son of the Omega). John has given up hope of finding her – when she manages to break free. Only John is forced to realize that even though Xhex is free she’s still lost to him…

On FMC past:
Xhex: Being half Sympath half vampire makes Xhex different from everyone. Sympaths are evil and manipulative but with her cilices she controls her darker side. Despite growing up with nice foster parents she has had her fair share of hurt. She lied to a member of the brotherhood about what she was and that made him go crazy when he found out, she’s been locked up in a human lab and medical stuff still freaks her out. Also she’s responsible for Rehvenge having to whore himself out every month. During this book she also has to deal with the emotional trauma being raped and abused by Lash for weeks.

On MMC past:

John: Was abandon at birth and grew up in an orphanage. Grew up not knowing what he was and just thought he was a scrawny, weak guy. A year before he first was discovered by the brotherhood (book II) a man raped him in the stair case in his old apartment building, which makes him freak about sex – until he meet Xhex… John is the incarnation of Darius – but no one knows that. He’s also mute.

POV: Third.(Several)

First line: Another fucking butterfly.

What I think about this one…

So despite the soap opera of it all, the sex and the horrid language this series (the black dagger brotherhood) is still worth reading if you like vamps. This is book 8 in the series but it is the only one I truly like. Xhex and John have both appeared in several previous books, so we already know the characters and also their love story is already there at the start of the book which is nice because that gives us 500 pages of Xhex and John dealing with their issues. And trust me – they need all those because these two are really messed up!

No but seriously, Xhex is fascinating and I feel so bad for John because the kid just can’t catch a break. This story is also different from the norm for a bunch of other reasons. Biggest one being the fact that Xhex is way older than John. It’s almost always the other way around. They’re vamps so it doesn’t really matter (even though these vamps have a age limit – a thousand years or so…) Also Xhex is not your average weak little female that sit at home and waits for her man. She’s action girl extra-ordina’ry. She goes out and kills the bad guys, heck she works part time as an assassin – and likes it.

Some statistics and facts:

Length: 193 700/ 500+ pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance – Contemporary fantasy

Book Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood

Published: 2010

Words per Chapters: (74) 2617 words/ chapter

Rating – Amazon:  4 stars, rated 355 times.

Style of book: .

Warnings for: Non consensual sex,  References to M/M sex and graphic M/F sex.

If you want to buy it you can do it over Here!



Book and audio book

Lover Mine

J.R. Ward

193 700/ 508 pages

Paranormal romance -Urban fantasy

The black Dagger brother hood book 8

November 30, 2010


2617 words/ chapter

Stars: 4

Rated: 355

He wished he had more time.

Xexh’s has been kidnapped by the son of the omega – and is being held by a magic. John has nearly given up hope of finding her – when she manages to break free. John then has to realize that even though Xexh is free she’s still has a lot of demons. Will they be able to face them together or will Xexh not be able to trust him?

John: Abandon at birth

Bunch of bad foster families


Nice foster family’s death/leaving

Is the kings ward

Xexh: Half sympathy (bad)

Nice foster parents

Hurts herself to keep bad side at bay

During book: Rape

Brotherhood of bad boys looking for babes

Graphic M/F Sex

Strong references to non-consensual   sex

References to M/M sex

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